Mashas Pedigree





Heatherhill You Talk Too Much

CH Brigadoon Once Arrogant Dude

CH Oprah Winfree Of Heatherhill



After Alls High Velocity





CH Sunshines Make My Reservation

CH Sunshines Action Jackson

Sunshines Social Butterfly


Gatorhaven TruLovIsHard ToFind






CH True Colors By Sirius

CH Moonlights Jay Of Rafter J

CH Clay Hills Leading Lady



PennY Caerau’s Miss Scarlett O’Hara





CH Sirius Peaches N Cream

CH Winter Heavens Rusty Endeavor


CH Sirius Playing With Fire

Bailey’s Magenta







CH Blue Isle’s Sure I’m Famous

CH Sure To Be Famous Tres Rios

CH Friends Blue Country



Moon Rise Paul Wiemer





Mar-A-Largos Pandoras Box

CH Briarbrooks Pole Position


CH Bearfoots Comin Attractions


Best Friends Double Trouble






CH Bluesteams Man-O-Firethorn

CH Briarbrooks Black Arrogance

CH Firethornes Finishing Touch



Thornapple Imnotthat innocent





Pararadox Ponder This

Thornapple Diamond Rio

CH Casebrook Picture This








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